VSD Drive Packages

Automation & Control supplies Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Packages to suit a variety of requirements.

This product incorporates our market leading Bosch Rexroth inverter drive units. Including the FE, FV and EFC3600 ranges (Available up to 900KW.)

We supply custom built IP66 Drive Cabinets suited to many applications in most industry sectors.

Our drive cabinet components are sourced from leading European and US manufactures.

Once we understand your application the drives are assembled locally to meet your specifi cations.

The drives are supplied with full control from the face of the cabinet and locked to provide you with complete security & control.

Standard panel control functions include

  • Total drive speed control
  • Forward & reverse operation
  • Soft start – Ramp Up – Ramp Down Operation
  • Indexing Drive Control
  • Multi-function programming
  • Vector Torque Control
  • Emergency Stop

We supply custom built IP66 Drive cabinets to suit many applications.



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