Sence Silo Monitoring System

Automation & Control have developed a very competitive monitoring system for storage silos, the Sence Silo Monitoring System.

We can provide an economical automated process to an autonomous system adding value and improving your business.


  • Complete Monitoring & Control with Live Volume/Level Feedback

  • Silo Filling and Usage Accountability with Automated Reporting

  • Auto Filling Cut-off in Over-pressure/ High-Level Conditions

  • Audible & Visual Alarms

  • One-person Operation, IP66 Touchscreen Silo Control

  • Remote 24/7 Dust Collector Condition Monitoring for Reduced Operational Cost

  • Complete Silo Package Integration

  • Audible & Visual Alarms

  • Touch-Screen Silo Control

  • Automated Reporting


We offer the Radar Level Instrument to continuously measure level in silo or alternatively, reduce cost by detecting a high level with the use of a Rotating Paddle or Tuning Fork Level Switch.




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