Sence Pallet Handling & Dispensing

Automation & Control supplies Sence and Modu pallet handling & dispensing systems including accessories.

We can supply pallet dispensers, double pallet stackers as well as pallet stretch wrapping, case erector/sealer, case printing & labelling, palletising systems and more.


  • Pallet Dispenser

The Modu pallet dispenser provides automatic dispensing of empty pallets onto pallet handling conveyors or directly onto the floor.

  • Double Pallet Stackers

Modu double stackers take single unit loads and efficiently stack one pallet on top of the other, eliminating the need for forklift drivers picking and stacking loads.

  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping

The Modu pallet stretch wrapping system is a semi-automatic low and high profile turntable stretch wrapping system, an ideal stretch wrapping solution for large pallet loads.

  • Case Erector/Sealer

The Modu carton erector/sealer provides automatic construction of cardboard boxes and application of tape to seal closed contents.

  • Case Printing & Labelling

The Modu carton printer & labeller machine provides automatic printing and labelling directly onto cartons.

  • Palletising System

Palletising is a demanding application of stacking boxes, bags, bottles & cartons onto pallets as the last step in the assembly line before being loaded; utilising robot integration specifically designed for high-speed, heavy payload & long reach palletising applications.


Palletising Robot System - Auto Plank Cleaner

Palletising Robot System - Cement Bags



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